We understand that your home is unique, which is why we offer the widest range of bespoke sizes, shapes, colours and styles to help you bring your dreams to life.

Light changes everything

We’ll help you transform your home, maximising light and creating dramatic improvements. We’re passionate about our customers and provide an unparalleled level of skilled advice and support to help you choose the right rooflight.

Unlike most other manufacturers, we can offer you triple-glazing as standard, giving you greater control over temperature, energy use and you’ll be able to filter out more unwelcome noise.

Our rooflights are designed to be easy-fit, reducing the amount of time your builder will need to install them, helping you to keep costs down.

Read on to learn more about how we work in partnership with homeowners to bring more light into their lives.

Transform your home with light

Completed your research and ready to build your dream rooflight? Why not browse our online product catalogue to discover the unique possibilities that a Roof Maker rooflight can offer?

We pride ourselves on creating beautiful bespoke rooflights that can be delivered on the exact day that you need them, but if you’re in a hurry, we also carry a range of standard sizes in stock.

We believe we offer the widest range of rooflights of any single manufacturer in the UK, but why not take a look at our unique product range and see for yourself?

Inspirational Projects

Looking for some ideas? Why not browse our case studies for examples of exciting projects we’ve worked on recently.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of homes – from the traditional to the contemporary and the futuristic – and our projects show how we’re helping homeowners to transform their properties.


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